by Edmond Fallot Mustard from France

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EDMONT FALLOT - The last independent, family-owned and -run mustard mill in Burgundy!

The distinct high quality and flavour of this speciality mustard is due to the traditional grinding of the mustard seeds, using silex grindstones.

Manufactured from seed grown in Burgundy and combined with AOC Burgundy wine, "Burgundy Mustard" is a product deeply rooted in Burgundian soil.

Up to the Second World War, in Burgundy, mustard was cultivated in woodland, in clearings where the charcoal kilns (a large number of which existed in Burgundy at that time) were located.
The discarded "ashes" from charcoal burning were rich in potash, and encouraged the growth of mustard, the seed of which was sown by the charcoal makers. However, due to a decline in demand for charcoal for industrial use, and the subsequent reduction in the number of charcoal burners, the drop in mustard cultivation forced mustard manufacturers to go outside France for their supplies.

The Burgundy Mustard Association, founded by the regional growers and manufacturers, in which the FALLOT COMPANY plays an active role, has, over the last 10 years launched a programme aimed at giving a new impetus to mustard cultivation in Burgundy. Help them out by enjoying a jar of this gorgeous mustard!