by A sharp-tasting pecorino from Italy, made with a blend of cow's and sheep's milk
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- Blend of cow's and sheep's milk - 

Formaggio di Fossa, literally "pit cheese," might just be one of the most rebelious cheeses out there - harking from the Romagna area in Italy.

During the middle ages, the Romagna area was under the ruling of the Church-State. The local population fought what they felt was oppression with acts of civil disobedience. The town of Sogliano al Rubicone, the birthplace of this unique cheese, is built on very porous tufa rock. The citizens there came to building pits in the rock to preserve anything they didn’t want stolen -- or taxed! After hiding away their cheese production from the papal tax agent, the citizens noticed that the cheese would take on a very distinctive flavour...and Formaggio di Fossa was born!

A sharp-tasting pecorino cheese, it can be made entirely of sheep milk, or of a mix of sheep and cow milk. It's typically without rind, with a firm or semi-firm texture, and a pungent taste with a slightly bitter after bite. 

Please note: Because our cheeses are cut by hand exact weights may vary slightly.