by Goat's milk cheese wrapped in a chestnut leaf. From France

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- Goat's milk - 

Mothais-sur-Feuille is from the region of Poitou-Charentes on the west coast of France. It is named after the town of Mothe-Saint-Héray where the cheese has been made and sold since the 19th century. Mothais sur feuille literally translates to "Mothais on the leaf," a chestnut leaf that has a very important role. It imparts flavour to the cheese, as well as helping to  retain moisture throughout the cheese's life.

Goat’s cheeses are generally ripened in drier and better ventilated cellars than most of the other cheeses. The Mothais is the exception as it is matured in a very humid cellar with no ventilation.

The paste of the cheese takes on the delicate wood, earth, and mould flavours of the leaf and the cellar. These are subtle in a young cheese, but become more concentrated as the cheese ages.