by Funky washed-rind cheese, washed with brandy. Made with cow's milk, from France

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- Cow's milk - 

This cheese dates back to the 16th century, and was popular all the way up until the early 1900s, when over 300 farms were making Epoisses. But when the Second World War hit France, production almost completely died out. It was nearly a decade after the war had ended before Epoisses was made again. Now, the cheese is treasured as it once was, returned to its pre-war glory.

To get its signature funk, this cheese’s curd are carefully hand-ladled into forms, then dry salted. Taking a turn in a French cave, it's washed daily in a mixture of water and a pomace brandy, which helps to develop its powerful smell and rosy-orange complexion. Flavorwise, it adds bacony, woodsy notes to each delectable bite.