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Washed-rind cow's milk cheese, from Champagne region in France

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- Cow's milk - 

If you’re looking for a cheese to pair with champagne, we've got the perfect one for you. Langres is a washed-rind cow’s milk cheese, made in the Champagne region since the 18th century.

Cheesemakers wash each round with brine and then rub it with anatto, a natural colourant derived from a tropical shrub. The elegantly wrinkled rind adds textural interest and develops a dense cream - cakey at the core with a luscious creamline and distinctive porcine savoriness. 

The form of the cheese is like a cylinder, and has a 5-mm deep well on the top - the result of the cheese not being turned over during ripening This indent is known as “the fontaine” and is said to be created so that it can be filled with a drizzle of champagne.