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Fudgy, caramely hard cheese. Made with cow's milk, from France

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- Cow's milk - 

Inspired by Dutch Edam, French artisans changed the shape and color to produce the unique Mimolette. They flattened the top and bottom, and added Roucou (a natural dye, also known as annatto, that provides a colour ranging from cantaloupe or carrot to a bright deep tangerine). 

The appearance and floral aroma of the rind is the work of tiny mites, specially evolved to cheese. The French call them tiny affineurs for their important role in the aging process.

 As you taste the cheese and compare it to Edam, you will see how diverse breeds of cows—and the grasses and herbs they feed on—alter the final flavour of the cheese. Intensely fruity, nutty and caramelized, Mimolette is popular as a snack with a glass of beer (or perhaps a little Calvados to help you forget about the bugs!).

Please note: Because our cheeses are cut by hand exact weights may vary slightly.