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Truffled semi-firm raw sheep's milk cheese, from Italy

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- Raw Sheep's milk - 

The birthplace of this cheese is traditionally considered to be in Basilicata, in the resort of Moliterno. Today, however, most of the production takes place in Sardinia.

Pecorino Moliterno al Tartufo is a raw sheep's milk cheese shot through with thick veins of truffle. Unlike most truffled cheeses, the truffle paste is infused after Moliterno has been aged, so that the cheese develops its own character before the truffles are injected. 

During the 5 month maturation period, the wheels are rubbed with vinegar and local olive oil. These flavours, combined with the truffle, spread throughout the cheese, balancing the rich earthy notes of the sheep's milk.

Please note: Because our cheeses are cut by hand exact weights may vary slightly.