Emile & Solange is a boutique cheese room in Albion, Brisbane.

Made for those who appreciate the mushroomy aromas of a brie or a sharp, complex blue, we specialise in hand-cut cheeses, cheese and charcuterie platters, gift hampers, and catering for any event.

Owner Sarah Thuillet started E & S with generations of knowledge and a love of delicious cheeses and produce. In 1958, her grandparents, the original Emile and Solange, opened a store in the middle of the city in Normandy. They sold milk, cream and butter made at their farm, and sourced the best of the French cheeses.

It was here that Sarah fell in love with cheese, and it was their store that inspired her to open her own fromagerie. Her grandparent’s love of cheese and their shop-local philosophy are the cornerstone of Emile & Solange.





We offer farm and handcrafted products, as well as raw milk cheeses produced using traditional cheesemaking methods. We complement this with a selection of fine foods sourced from local producers. We are constantly looking for new products to combine the best of French terroir with the expertise and passion of local Australian producers.


We work mainly with two importers who have invested in maturing rooms to store cheese in the best conditions. These rooms allow the cheese to recover after travelling long distances but also to complete the maturation process of the cheeses.  This ensures that our selection of cheeses, once presented, preserve the characteristics that their makers bestowed upon them. 


We take care to pack our cheeses and charcuteries in paper specifically designed for this purpose - ensuring that our products don't transpire or dry out when stored at home.  Our cheeses will last longer and their quality and freshness will not be altered by their packaging.